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Many of our residential customers truly care about their trees, and so do we. We pride ourselves in always providing top quality workmanship and personalized customer service at fair and reasonable prices. We are a full service company providing services to customers in Yellowstone, Big Horn, Carbon, and Stillwater counties. We offer “free no obligation quotes” within Billings city limits. If you live outside the Billings area we do charge a fee for our time and expertise to drive to your location and give you an in person estimate. Another option at your finger tips is a rough estimate over the phone. For our treatment and diagnostic services we can give you a rough estimate based on the various sizes of your trees. Power-lines, fences or home location can play a large roll in the price of a job depending on where your tree is located. This information is very useful in giving you a better estimate. Feel free to Contact Us to find out more.
Our Commitment
Our goals from the beginning have been to establish a company based on:
  1. Safety We carry full automobile, liability and workers compensation insurance. Certificates are available upon request. We use personal protective equipment at all times while working. We plan ahead for safe ways to proceed with the work required at each job site to assure safety to our clients and their property. We also conduct a pre-work inspection of the job site to identify potential hazards.
  2. Tree Care We aim to do what is best for your tree. A properly trimmed tree will improve the safety, health and longevity of your tree. Trees improperly trimmed can lead to many problems such as increase risk of storm damage, disease, property damage, and in some cases death to your tree. Our tree crew is trained to properly trim your trees and help them thrive.
  3. Excellent Customer Service Our business is set apart by having decades of helpful experience and local knowledge. The friendly staff at YVTS can help answer all of your tree questions. We aim for you and your trees to be happy at all times.
  4. Continuing Education Our commitment to continuing education begins with our company membership in the International Society of Arboriculture and The Tree Care Industry Association. Affiliation with trade associations keeps us in step with the latest scientific research in arboriculture. From trade publications and company training to regional and national seminars, our employees are afforded numerous educational opportunities. We also encourage our workers to study and test for ISA tree worker and Arborist Certification.