Do you need immediate help! – Call (406) 656-5810

Examples of emergencies include:
  1. Trees presenting immediate hazard to people or structures.
  2. Workers needing to get to work due to a tree issue.
  3. Trees on your house, car, or business.

We have experience helping customers in many types of emergencies. We have helped many homeowners and businesses recover after storm and wind damage, and we provide 24 hour service so that we can help you protect your family and your home from any further damage or injury. We also provide advice to help protect you and your family from future tree failures. Due to the urgency in getting the work done, we charge for our services by the hour in these conditions. This enables us to get as many people as possible serviced in the shortest amount of time.

This 70 foot tall Spruce damaged 2 houses in Red Lodge due to high winds and a diminished root mass. We removed it ASAP so power could be restored to the two homes.

Tips to Avoid an Emergency Situation

To keep your trees off the casualty list, ask us to prune your trees before they are damaged. Reduce the weight in the crown and thin out the branches to decrease wind resistance. Remove dead, rotted and weakly attached limbs which are most likely to break and damage the tree or your property.

Elevate lower limbs and clear limbs away from houses, pools, driveways and walks. Ask us to check your trees for deadwood, weak limbs and structural problems.