Tree Diagnosis

With close to a half a dozen certified arborists at your service, we can provide knowledgeable advice and diagnosis of your tree and plant issues. Many diseases and insects in our area are treatable as long as they are identified correctly. The first step is to identify the tree or plant, since certain diseases and insects only affect certain types of plants. It is not uncommon for many trees and plants to be mis-labeled and the problem continues to grow. To properly diagnose your problem we charge a minimum fee of $75.00 to cover our expenses and time; much time, education and experience is required to perform this service correctly. Contact us to help determine what your issues are.

Quick Do-It-Yourself Diagnostic

We have created an excellent resource that you can use to guide you through some of the common problem insects and diseases in our area. To determine what is wrong with your trees and shrubs, let’s start with identifying which type of plant you have:

Trees In Our Area:

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